Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Virtual Family

My mother has adopted three daughters in my absence. They are all virutal. And she is so involved in their lives, that she forgets her real daughters at times too.

I ain't jealous or anything. But I am wondering what Momma is upto. Now these daughters visit her every weekday from 7.30 to 9.30 pm, more regularly than I do. And these TV bahu ranis and betis are so addictive that Mom has actually been living the virtual life for quite sometime now.

I kinda lied, when I said I am not jealous. I actually am. Because she doesn't expect anything from them. They appear perfect to my mom, and I? Don't even ask me about it!! :|

So the three daughters are
1. Suhana from Sasural Genda Phool
2. Archana from Pavitra Rishta
3. Akshara from Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai

My mom loves Suhana the most, and she has been so so sad, considering that Suhana has been detected with some brain tumour thing. 

The other day I call my mom up to ask how were things with her, and she replies "Arre baad me call kar, Suhana ko Brain tumour detect hua hai"

I replied dramatically, "Kyaa?? Nahiiii... Ye nahi ho sakta maaa"

"Ruk ja thodi der. Break me call karti", she said and hung the phone.

I couldn't stop laughing. But I kinda felt bad that Suhana had that Tumour thing.

She was indeed like an adopted daughter to my mother. Meanwhile, I called up my sister and decided to talk to her. She is an "Anti-Soap Opera" kinda soul.

"Palli, wassup?", I ask.

"Kuch nahi re. Rona dhona shuru hai", she replies, sounding low.

"What? Aisa kya hua?", I ask.

"Arre wo Suhana...", she begins and I reply "Oh..." and we both end up having a hearty laugh.

Like Suhana's pain wasn't enough, Mom took Akshara's bank incident to heart.

So I call her post Sasural Genda phool, thinking she'd talk to me, and she replies, "Arre bohot interesting chal raha hai. Bechari Akshara Bank locker me ek din se bandh hai".

The tension and restlessness in her voice was so so amazing. I ended up laughing again.
"Break me call karti", she said, like always.

Now her third adopted daughter, Archana, is fortunately going through some good and happy times. She is expecting. So my mom remains tension free from 9 to 9.30 pm. Aah! Some relief!

So this drama goes on everyday. From 7.30 until 9.30. pm. That's when we live a totally different life, a virutal one. Icing on the cake being, my mom discusses this with my aunty.

And they end up wondering what will happen in the lives of these betis and bahus on TV.
There might be a new adoption very soon. I don't know. Depends on what more virtual things the TV throws.

Meanwhile Momma, take a break and watch Roadies for a change.. I insist.. You will feel much better! :D :D :D