Thursday, May 19, 2011

"I don't know"

"Where's Grampa?"

"I don't know!" (Betty laughs)

"And Gramma?"

"I don't know!", she drags her statement in a tune.

"What are you doing here?"

"I don't know!", she says sweetly.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I don't know!", her smile vanishing.


"Yeah kiddo, on my way....What is it?", Grampa looks at Betty.

"I don't know!" (Betty chuckles)

"Betty, stop that. Will you!"

"Ok!"  (Betty shuts her mouth instantly)

"Grampa, where's my baseball kit?"

"I don't know son!"


"Betty, you tell me!"

(Betty stays mum)

"Have you seen it?"

(She says nothing)

"Yes or no?"

(She looks at Ken and shrugs off)

"Tell me"

"I DON'T KNOW" , she yells and goes away.

"Grampa, I think the first time she said I don't know, I liked it more than what she said now"

"You did?"

"Yeah. It was really sweet. Where's my baseball kit, by the way"

"I don't know", Grampa mocks.

PS: This one is dedicated to Khushi who has uttered the cutest "I don't know" eva!! :)