Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guest Post : ABHH

How does obscure optimism work..huh?

I have been surprised with some amazing ABHH flowing through my inbox. There is so much to write about and wonder "Aisa Bhi Hota Hai!?"...

But meanwhile, the cakewalk for the week is taken by Pri, by her "crisp" ABHH and by Rajesh by his "kind" ABHH :D :D

Here we go..

Pri's ABHH:

Yesterday I had asked for a can of Sprite in my office cafeteria...

When I saw the coupon, this was written on it: 

 'DITE COCK                 Rs.20/-'

Batao, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai!! :D :D


Rajesh's ABHH:

Yesterday I was buying dahi from a shop where Sodexo coupons (Meal Pass) are accepted.
When I came out a decently-dressed guy came to me, looking very worried..

He asked , “Sir mein apne jijaji se milne aaya tha, vo Mila nahi… subah se kuch khaya nahi, thodi madad kardo”

I was gonna shu him away.Then he said, “Mere bacche ke liye kuch khane ke liye paise dedo”
Main gadha senti ho gaya!

 I felt sad for his kid… (I know most of the times they are fake :P)

I thought I’ll give some money, checked my wallet, no change!  100 rupee note was there, I was not going to give Rs. 100…

Then there were some Sodexo coupons as well :P :P

I gave him a Sodexo coupon worth Rs. 50, pointed to the exact shop from where I had bought dahi and told him, “sirf isi dukaan se khane ka kuch bhi lelo 50 rupai ka and yeh de dena” (thought he could buy some biscuits, cake for the kid)

He was troubled.

To say the least he said “25 rupai dedo”

Me - “lena hain toh lo nahi toh jao”

Him – “thik hain thik hain isi dukan se na", he asked.

me – “haan”  (pointing)

So for the first time “mein SODEXO coupon bheek ya daan mein diye” :P :P

Aisa bhi hota hain :D


Let it flow.. :)