Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Great Comeback

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia".  I totally live by this statement. There was a time when I was in class 6 and was so impressed by the lessons of moral science that I had decided that I would never lie in my life.

I still stick to that one thing, except when I write.

I still remember Ma'am Julie Dee telling me, that when you write essays you should imagine the unseen, the impossible and then write it down. You should not fear to write all lies.

We were given a topic "An autobiography of a book" and I had no clue what would I write. I thought as much, that I wasn't supposed to lie because, Ma'am Julie was my Moral Science teacher too.

But she made us imagine something. She said essays are something which do not necessarily happen to us. They happen all in a different world, with different people, different setup. You need to write about things which never happened, and make them sound, like they did. And the best would be to make them sound so convincing that the readers relate with you. That's the talent of a good essay writer.

I ended up scoring an average of 8 out of 10 in all my essays until standard 12. All the leads to imagination and the idea of going beyond the reality and imagining the perfect world, the impossible things, the surreal incidences was triggered by Ma'am Julie. All that I can write today, a part of the credit goes to her, some to my Mom, some to Sonali Tai (the person who made me write my first poem) and to all my teachers.

The credits also go to all the real charaters in my life who perfectly fit in my virtual world of imagination and stand as inspirations.

That's where it all began and it's been going pretty good. I have always made it a point to make others express through writing. Writing eases out a lot of things.

Some of my friends have heeded to this advice and some haven't. I still keep getting views and opinions (varied ones) on my email, but when I ask them to blog, they turn out be really lazy asses.

A similar thing happened when I asked Varghese to start blogging. It started with 1 blogpost each week, to 1 blogpost per month to 1 blogpost a year and then there was this huge hiatus.

Finally I think the writer's instincts have been triggered and Varghese is back with a bang. I am writing this post here not only to officially promote his blog, but also to tell everyone what a pleasure writing is.

This is one thing you need not be good at, coz everyone, by birth is good at expressing. Just that you need to write it down and care least about the opinions. Because once you write it down, it feels good. Trust me.

All my blogger friends, please get back to the writing business and be assured that you would love it, as much as I do.

This one's to a great comeback!!

Cheers Varghese!!  *clink* 

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