Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dum'best' Charads

We are khandaani champs in playing Dumb Charads. There are times when I just look at
this cousin of mine, in a particular way, and before I start enacting she guesses, "Teri

And the others would wonder,  "how on earth could you do that??"

"Sunai diya na tujhe, jab main naam bata rahi thi?", the other cousin would ask.

"Nahi re. Sach me. Kuch nahi sunai diya", we would defend.

We are that good! B-)

So the other day, my sister,Pallavi, had a bad day at guessing movies. (Just one of those days when easiest of easy movies seem so tough)

So momma started enacting..

She broke the words into 2. And started enacting.

"Hindi movie, 1 word, breaking into two halves, the first half, in english", Pallavi decoded the actions, and concluded.

Mom opened her mouth wide, and held her hands to her ears and stretched her jaws, closed her eyes and enacted the word.

Pallavi started guessing. "Shout, scream"

Mom prompted Pallavi to say more words on similar lines.

Pallavi then guessed, "Danger, Fear, Scare, Loud, Noise, Trauma"

Mom got really agitated. Pallavi was saying all possible synonyms, but not the exact word. The time was ticking away.

So mom took another way, she made a round figure on the ground, and enacted as if she is jumping into it.

Pallavi asked, "Are you jumping into something?"

Mom gestured with her hands, asking "What?"

Pallavi said "Kuaan?". She asked in Hindi.

Mom showed a thumbs up which meant the english word for Kuaan.

Pallavi said "Well". There she was. Mom heaved a sigh of relief and then asked her to say the words which are similar sounding to "well"

Pallavi began, "Bell, sell, tell, pell, rell, dell, mell, gel, shell, fell"

Mom again looked helpless as she waited for the correct word, and Pallavi just wouldn't say it.

Then mom again repeated the same gesture of shouting and screaming, and finally Pallavi called out "Yell".

Mom seemed relaxed. But this was just the first half. The second half of the word was still remaining.

So she began. She turned her hands just the way we move them while we drive.

Pallavi called out "Steering?"

Mom prompted her to speak on similar lines.

Pallavi said "Car"

Mom asked her to hold that word and merge both the halves.

"Yell - Car !!", Pallavi wondered.

Mom looked at me, and then at her.

Pallavi looked confused.

I had lost it by then. I said, "What's wrong Palli, it is so simple now. You've forgotten Dumb Charads, what a shame."

"Yalgaar", she sighed.

And there, the champ in Dumb Charads was getting back to business after 2 long years..