Friday, May 20, 2011


Whenever I am stressed out, or under pressure, or bothered by something I get a variety of motivational messages from my dear friends. They sure try to cheer me up and bring me back to my usual self.

Last night was just another bad day and this friend of mine sends me this sms this morning after a few preceding enquiries

She writes :
"Itna load nahi lena life mein. Life par chadhke baitho, life ko apne par chadhne mat do.. "

Then she writes:
"Aaj shaam ko Rs.1000 mere account mein daal dena. Itna paisa mein itnaich motivation milega"

and then the message continues...
"Saali, mini.... Aansu ki dukaan, cheer up..."

Icing on the cake happens to be this..
"Chal, ab kaam kar,Vehshi Darindi"

 (I could never use "Vehshi Darindi" ever, in any of the conversations. Seems it is the new Vampire series on Star One which is making an impact!! :D)

I wondered, what the hell was that... Love was oozing out of that one expletive that she used.  I laughed out loud.. I still am laughing as I type this post..

I realised one thing.. With friends as crazy as this, around.. it's difficult to stay mad!

Meri zindagi me..Aisa Bhi Hota Hai!! :D