Sunday, May 08, 2011

And she wouldn't let me drive..

Everytime I visit home I end up having a fight with mom. And this time there was a huge one because she just wouldn't let me drive my Dhanno (Our Car).

"You already drive me nuts, and you want to drive the car too, without license?", she'd ask.

I would reply, "How can one License from RTO determine whether I can drive well or not?"

Despite she telling me not to barge into difficult situations, I drove dhanno and went to pick her up from work.

"How did you come?", she asked. She could clearly see me sitting on the driver's seat in dhanno.

"Mom", I acted smart.

"You don't have a license Mini. How can you be so careless", she reprimanded.

"I drive very confidently, and the maamu would never know that I don't have a license", I replied.

She sat next to me, her heart almost in her mouth, remembering all the Gods possible.
But she sat with this subtle smile. We did not speak until we reached home safely.

"So?", I asked.

"Theek Thaak chala leti hai, lekin gaadi bilkul akele nahi le jaana", she acted all motherly.

After giving her the proof of the finest driving ever, she says not to drive anymore. I got really pissed and it led to one of the craziest arguments ever and finally she said ,"Jo karna hai kar"

Which implies, "Dare you do it". And I was not allowed to touch the car, without somebody with a permanent license accompanying me.

So I wondered, had I been in her place, what would have I done? I sure would have done pretty much the same thing. If my daughter ever got caught, she might have had to pay some exorbitant fine for not having a license, she might have got hurt because of not knowing the skill properly, the traffic hawaldaars would have misbehaved with her, and this would have hurt me the most. Why, because I would never want to see my daughter suffer because of anything.

Empathising, kinda, made me understand my mum's point of view and reminded me of one of her patent dialogues.

"You will understand, when you have one.", she'd say.

"What?", I'd ask.

"A daughter", she'd reply with all anguish possible, thinking about what a brat I turned out to be.

I seriously think, if she can mother someone like me, for over a quarter century now, she's got to be the best Mum in the whole wide world.

I give her a really really tough time. I say so because, I haven't applied for the license yet, and I am gonna take Dhanno on a drive this time too. :D

We might end up having another crazy argument. But all in all, Mom, we were destined to be mother and daughter, and like she says "Nibhana padega ;)"

I feel so lucky to have you.. Momma :*

Happy Mother's Day!! :D