Monday, May 16, 2011

200* not out..

The Obscure Optimist (me) has been able to successfully keep up the blog and publish 200 posts, this one being the 200th.

I am happy that the blog has been rolling, considering a few tough times, when I hit the writer's block, and sometimes the writer's block hit me.

But on and off, expressions have kept flowing, overflowing at times, and this pretty old thing is now loaded with 200 posts.

The label "Aisa Bhi Hota hai" is widely read and I feel really glad when people tell me how much they like it. It makes me happier because people take inspiration from it and happiest when people contribute.

This 200th post is dedicated to Maloo, who has contributed to one of the best ABHH so far..
Here it goes..

My office extension (phone) was not working for over a week.
I raised a requisition for it on 'I-serve' in the morning.

Post lunch, when I got back to see the status, there was a comment update,

“Comment:  We tried to reach you on extn  but couldn't get thru.
Please call us on 5262 to understand the issue.”

Batao, Maloo ke saath Aisa Bhi Hota Hai...

@Junta: You are most welcome to share your ABHH with me and the readers..

You know what you have to do.. just Counter Comment and I might just put together the assorted ones and make a new post, and try reach 300 by the end of this year...

Meanwhile.. Jaisa Bhi Hota Ho, Just laugh and be merry.. :)