Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tangled Illusions

I was busy mail-trailing with a very very dear friend - Varu and he ended up sharing one of the finest piece of gyan ever.

We usually write and talk about so many things. We see, observe and do so many things, but fail to realise the subtle lesson that Life implies in every little act we do.

If we realise, then it's a lesson, if not, it's just a zombie act.

This is an amazing piece extracted out an email conversation which I was having with Varu and he ended up quoting this.

I couldn't help but publish it, because I know how bad he sucks at keeping up his blog..

"Its so simple.. Today I was at gym and my headphone wires were all tangled and messed up..and I almost took 2 mins to untangle it.. but i didn't lose patience and did it.

And I was successful.. what did I lose there?

I kept walking on the tread mill,  all I had to do was lessen my pace so that I don't fall as I untangled the messed up wires..

Once I untangled it, I enjoyed the music, increased my pace and completed my tread mill.

And then I was thinking, Life is exactly the same..Everytime situations may not be pleasing. All I need to do is lower my pace, have patience and untangle the problems one by one and then I am good to go and enjoy life. "