Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phones and Moms

"Where were you?"

"I was.."

"Do you even realise that it is almost midnight?"

"I do"

"And how irresponsible it is that you do not stick to your time limits"


"And how dare you disconnect my call?"

"No.. I didn't..."

"Shut up, you brat. I feel pathetic. What a shameless fellow you are. You have no respect for your parents."

"No, mom... "

"What no.. Where is your phone? WHERE IS YOUR PHONE? WHY DID YOU SWITCH IT OFF?"

"I was..."

"You did not want any disturbances, right. Mom would call, and what an impression would you have on your friends, huh??"


"Just Shutup. I don't believe after all this you still have the guts to talk. Barely, 18 and you behave so arrogantly?"


"Dare you get out of the house after 9. And tell your friends that I am not a Supercool Mom. Like it or Hate it..."


"Look at your expression. Mannerless fellow. (slap)"

"Mom, the battery went off. My phone got switched off. I couldn't call to tell you that I would be late. And I was at Arjun's, next door."

"Errmm...But you could have called from another phone."

"It was just next door, Mom!"

"Hmm.. Dare you do it again, but."

(after some time)

"Dad, what's wrong with her?"

"Women!! Hmmmpphh... You get some  sleep, Son."