Thursday, April 28, 2011


Picture Courtesy: Pooja Cornelius
 The thumb holding the Little
The Index grabbing the Ring
The fingers, sure, the way they're placed
is an interesting thing

A hand is not just holding another
There's more to what I see
say Thumb is courage, Index is life
and Little is insecurity

And what about the Middle and Ring
placed one and one above?
Let Middle be dream, coz it is big
and Ring be nothing but love

So what does it mean, I wonder
None are of equal length
The shape is different, so is the size
They sure have different strength

An emotion of fear is the Little one
which hugs the Thumb so well
Far apart they stand so strange
but with another they perfectly gel

The Index is life, because it is first
It shows way to the other three
Middle comes next, which stands so big
That's how dreams should be

A vein in Ring finger reaches the heart
the place where love resides
It rests above life and dream
but has insecurity standing besides

A hand in hand completes the picture
of human emotions and feel
Perfectly entangled they simplify
The mystery that life conceals