Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Credits: For the World Cup Win

This wasn't easy.. This wasn't easy at all... Trust me!

I am not talking about the team and their efforts for the World Cup, mind you. I am sure that the men in blue have put in a lot of sweat to get what they rightly deserved, but this is more because of some very very important people.

I would like to give credits to all of them, here, on my blog..

1. Soumo : Had he not left his comfortable seat situated in front of the television and left the room for a phone call, the Pakistan wickets (during the India vs Pakistan Match) wouldn't have fallen. We realised the secret and kept pushing Soumo out of the room, and every time he left the room, one wicket fell.

Had it not been for Soumo's undying spirit for contributing towards the Indian cricket team, we wouldn't have made a place in finals, let alone be winning it..

The most faithful cricket fan award goes to Soumo.

We are in talks with the Government of Maharashtra to gift him 37 Bean bags. Why 37, don't ask me!!

2. Maloo: She slept and the wicket fell. Kudos to all the guys who made her lull to sleep in the most crucial Indi - Pak thriller. Had she not slept, when all the others were biting their nails, India would have not made it to the finals. Am sure she would be feeling proud of her sacrifice. Had it not been you, Maloo, India wouldn't have been in the finals, let alone be winning it.. It's only because of fanatics like you, who make the team win matches.
For maloo, we have a lot of accolades from prominent members of the society, though no one really cared to announce a 5 lakh Rs. for her. Nonetheless, I am sure 5 lakh people would give you all the aashirwaads and duas!!

3. Pallavi: She is the most superstitious, conventional follower of Indian Cricket. She never watches it, but when she does, she curls her fingers around the others, of both her hands, and says it's a "touch wood" act.

She holds it like that until the match ends, and in between, if she feels like releasing the curl, she passes it on to someone to hold it for a while. But the curled fingers, are always there, either on her, or on a much crazier fan - our mom! ;)

I have increased her pocket money from this month. I wonder how much the Government will understand about this act! So, no expectations from the Vadde Log.

4. Debo: He doesn't do much for the country, like not watching the match, or sleeping during the innings, etc.. he just makes sure that the above things are happening.

After the Srilankan innings, I get a message from him

Debo: Fcuk

Me: What happened?

Debo: Chk the score

Me: Ya, I am watching it. Huge total!

Debo: We did not think about Soumo. We should have made sure that he doesn't watch the match.

Me: LOL :D

A part of the credit for the win goes to me also. I sat all the while with my hand on the wooden handle of the chair. Not once did I move my elbow from the wood. And see, we all know the result... We are the World Champions!!

Everyone deserves credit. It's a great great effort from all of us.

All those who sat in the bathroom until another wicket fell, all those who kept standing until another four was hit, all those who saw an entire inning standing in front of a showroom letting the police tag away their vehicle, all those who wore blue and cheered, all those who compulsorily boozed because they knew that's how India would win, all those who sat in a padmasan without budging a bit, all those who did not watch the match and all those who watched it without any superstitions.

On a serious note, I salute to the spirit of the Indian Cricket team, Lord Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and our captain MS Dhoni. They were phenomenal.

Cheers!! *clink*

I feel awesomely proud!!

Like Rajan says, "What a time to be alive!!"