Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch it!

And it so happened that one day, our two dudes, Robo and Debo had come home for tea.

One of us had put milk on the gas stove. We couldn't stand near the gas stove, to keep a check on the milk as we were taking care of other errands. So we asked the guys, to watch it.

After some time when one of us got drawn to the kitchen, because of the smell, we wondered, how did the milk spill, despite the guys watching it.

"Couldn't you put the gas off?", Pri asked.

"The entire milk is spilled, now. What's the use of you standing here?", asked Maloo.

Robo, naively responded, "But you just asked us to keep a watch",

"And we watched it spill..", added Debo.

A sheer hopelessness crept followed by a hearty laugh.

"Guys will be guys!", we exclaimed.

"Now we should put this on Facebook, Yamini will put it on her blog too", said Robo.

"Perspective ke naam pe blog chalati hai ye", commented Debo- his usual comment as Maloo laughed in agreement.

And while the others laughed, I indeed blogged about it!!! :D

Jee haan, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai!!