Monday, March 14, 2011


(Picture Courtesy: Pooja Cornelius)

... and she would
express like a lover
who had all the love
in her heart
and she had
taken the role of an angel
and was playing God's part

In a wondrous shower of bliss
Drenched, they
looked for more
The chill from within
made them ill
she came and stirred their core

Her eyes scanned my periphery
I could feel her aura,
touch mine
An illusion, it seemed,
at that moment
Surreal it was,
yet divine

I woke up from my dream
wondered about the where
how and why?
In deepest thought
I looked above
and tear dropped
from my eye

my heart felt
for feeling the love so true
If a human
so unconditionally would love,
he'd be an angel too..