Friday, March 11, 2011

Self Control

In a sincere effort to curb my anger and control impulsive reactions I ended up laughing uncontrollably on my efforts.

It so happened that I left for work on my Honda Dio today. I usually ride my bike as if I am an Alien totally obscure about the traffic rules on this planet. So, I halted way before the stopping line, when I saw the traffic policeman show a STOP signal.

The song in my music player was a lovely track which I have been listening to, in loop, since Sunday.

It went on..
"Sajde me rehne do, ab kahi naa jaunga... Jo tumne thukraya, to sawar na paaungaa...."

and instantly I find a scooty hitting my Dio, and the rider calling out

"Pagal hai kya?"

and I would have ideally replied.

"Abe, pagal hoga tu...Dikhai nahi deta kya?? Dimaag kharaab!!"

but I replied..
"Signal hai dekhiye! Pagal honge aap!!"

After we went in our respective directions, I realised, I wasn't fuming with anger at all, like usually I do, after such immoral behaviour!! ;)

I recollected what I said, and burst out into a laughter.

I am changing...for good! Just need to use better language!

Introspection and implementation ke chakkar me Aisa Bhi Hota rehta Hai!! :)