Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jab We Met

I love to write on prompts. Self selected ones, especially.

But when I got a prompt, on which I had been wanting to write, from a friend, my thought process choked. I couldn't write anything, though I wanted to write.

But this is the best thing that struck me then when she said it, and which still makes me feel good about the prompt. It may seem meaningless, to some... but I had to blog about it!!

The prompt was "Jab We Met"

And my creative response could maximum go upto singing these few lines, with total dedication

Jag sara jag sara nikhar gaya
Hun Pyaar hawa de vich bikhar gaya
Dil tera hoi jaaye
Ambraan nu chhooi jaaye
maar udaari vekh shikhar gaya
hun Mauja hi Mauja...

Since that prompt... this is how things've been!! :D :D