Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flip Side

(Picture Courtesy : Pooja Cornelius)

 "Grampa, you look at this yellow thing inside, here", asks Ken, showing a beautiful orange orchid.

"Where, let me see?", Grampa observes closely.

"See this.. Grampa...Don't touch", Ken warns.

"Ok , Ok, I won't. Let me see it closely. Please get my glasses, will you?", Ken listens intently.

"Betty", he calls out, " Get Grampa his glasses", Ken orders.

"Your Glasses, Sir. What is it Ken?", Betty comes running.

"Look at this Betty. This Flower has children inside it", says Ken.

"Like Mum had me, inside her stomach?", asks Betty.

"Uh", Ken looks confused.

"Let me tell you a story, kids", Grampa begins.

"There was a fairy and she wore this beautiful orange robe. She would go to people who had wishes and she would fulfil them. She would carry these golden children and give them away to people who didn't have one", narrates Grampa.

"Did she give one to my mum and dad?", intervenes Betty.

"I don't know whether your parents asked the fairy for it", says Grampa, losing the link to the story.

"So can I ask her for a golden child", asks Betty.

"Take this Bett, your Golden child", says Ken, authoratatively, as he carefully plucks one of the yellow anther and gives it to Betty.

Ken's Grandfather chuckles.

"What is it Grampa? Why are you laughing?", asks Betty.

"Nothing Kid. Go, keep the flower in the vase"

"But Grampa, we should name this child, something", says Betty carefully observing the red stamen with yellow anthers.

"No Betty. This will be lost. You cannot keep it forever. Don't name it", says Ken.

"Ken is right", affirms the old man.

"But, I want a golden child", requests Betty innocently.

"When you grow up, I'll give you one, and you can keep it forever", says Ken as a matter-of-factly, sounding candid and bold at the same time.

"Tell them the entire story", Gramma enters and tells Grampa.

"What story? They've already made one on their own", says Grampa, as they both end up laughing at the kids.