Monday, February 07, 2011

So, had fun?

It was a very very tiring weekend. After coming back from Hamburg (more on that later), I logged on to the good old gtalk and found myself giving reports to a few people who pinged me.

And the questions were very very simple. As simple as

"So, had fun? Hmmm"

After a few moments of nice nice talking to another friend of mine, he asked
"Having fun, huh!"

Yeah, and like that wasn't enough, i had another desi ping asking me something that I dreaded the most

"Aur, Mazaa kiya ya nahi"

Arre baba, what is your idea of fun, when it is suffixed with all the 'mmms' and 'huhs' and those sarcastic tones?

And then, to a very senior friend, I replied, in the same tone

"By God, itna mazaa kiya naa, puchhiye mat"

"Mummy ko pata hai?", she asked.

"Haan, main sab mummy ko bata ke karti hu", I replied.

"Teri mom toh badi cool hai yaar", she added.

She must be really jealous of me, I am sure.

So what is it?

When you are away from home, in a foreign land, you get all the rights to break free, booze, roam around with white men, sing songs the bollywood style, wear skimpy clothes and dance in a pub, drive crazy cars and let your hair lose in literal sense??

No, I did not do anything of the above. Because that is not my idea of fun. Call me boring, or not-so-funny or whatever.

I just did some real boring stuff! Like, I saw 1/3rds of Germany, interacted with some very interesting people, tasted exquisite beer, played in the snow, walked in the rain, hitch hiked in Hamburg, watched the soccer craze, boarded the Eurobahn like 33 times, sung and danced with a street musician in Hamburg, saw the colors of the pastures change from green to brown to white and then back to brown, spent hours figuring out why doesn't sun shine here, despite the sky being so clear, understanding the difference between snow and flakes.

I spent time alone, introspecting, listened to some great music, finally saw 'Before Sunrise', read 4 books in 20 days (haven't done it in 10 years), saw the prostitute's culture in Germany as it is a legal business.

I connected with a few friends over FB, whom i've always wanted to talk to, shopped for family and friends, planned for Paris trip and finally became more regular at blogging.

It was actually boring, normal standards, per se, But I had fun.

So what does fun look like to you, junta?

Are you really having fun? Tell me!

Coz I am! ;)