Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Shahrukh Khan Merra Bhaai Hey"

Weekend was fun. I'd been to Köln. Köln has a beautiful Dom which is thousands of years old, it has a very interesting Chocolate museum and the city looks very beautiful with the Rhein flowing through it.

While we were at the museum compound, we stopped at a church to see a wedding troupe click pictures. We were blabbering in Hindi, when suddenly a smart, tall, white man, came upto us and asked,

"Aap Hindustani hey", in a typical American accent.

We couldn't understand for a while what was happening. He was speaking Hindi!!

"Merry ek tasveehr kheech sakte hey?", he asked.

"Jee Bilkul", I said, startled.

"Yeh marry Eshwarya Raai hey", he said and hugged a lady standing beside him, as he posed for the photograph.

"Wow", I said.

"Aur aap? Shahrukh Khan?", I asked.

"Nay Nay. Shahrukh Khan toh Merra Bhaai Hey", he said proudly.

At this point I couldn't stop my laughter.

"Aap se milke bohot khushi hui", I said, as I showed him the pic that I'd clicked.

"Mujhko bhi", he replied, looking at the pic and smiling back.

"Ek tasveer ho jaaye saath me", I asked.

"Zaroor", he obliged.

"Aapka naam kya hai", I asked.

"Sikandra", he said and then added "Angrezi me Alexander".

I was surprised and I really started to like the eloquence with which he spoke Hindi.

"Aur aapka naam", I asked his girlfriend.

"Vrinda", she replied.

"As in Vrindavan", Sikandra added.

I was very very impressed.

"Aap kaha ke rehne waale hai? Aur itni achhi Hindi?", asked a colleague of mine.

"Main Holland me paida hua aur Surinam me rehta hu, lekin merra dil Hindustani hey", he replied. "Aap Surinam jaante hey?", he asked.

"Surinam?", we all wondered. "Nahi", we replied.

"It's a South American country and most of the people there are Indians", replied Vrinda.

So we knew the reason behind the eloquence. But still it was very endearing!

"Köln mein market kaha hai?", my colleague danced on the chance.

"Tere paas Köln ka map hey? Naksha?", he asked, effortlessly using 'Naksha' instead of 'Map'.

"Hai na". replied my colleague.

"Badiya. Toh fir tu seeda chalay ja aur fir right ko mood ja", he said. I loved it when he said 'tu, tera'.

"Tujhe bohot log dekhegi", he was getting a bit of his Hindi wrong here but it was wonderful nonetheless.

"Ok, great", we all said in chorus.

We shook hands and left the place as the wedding troupe disbursed too. Sikandra and Vrinda also got lost in the crowd.

We laughed heartily and kept on repeating "Shahrukh Khan merra Bhai Hey"..

It was a great experience. Long live Sikandra and long live Shahrukh Khan. I think some people know India more because of SRK than anything else.

BTW, I happened to lend 8 GB bollywood songs to a colleague of mine, here in LP Germany, only because his wife is crazy about Bollywood and Shahrukh khan.

I don't believe this is the second post on SRK that I've written on my blog!
But kya karein, Aisa Bhi Hota hai! 

PS: Some People would know why I didn't ask Sikandra whether he considered himself Abhishek Bachchan, when he said, Vrinda was his Aishwarya Rai!!  :P