Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Dude

Yeah, finally I write about him. It's his birthday today and he deserves a post on my blog. I have written about everything, everyone, but him.

I wish you a very happy birthday. May the good God bless you and give all the success and as many hit films as you want..:)

Curious heads, here I am wishing, Abhishek Bachchan a very Happy Birthday!

C'mon, Join me!! :)

People still ask me why I like him so much. The only reason which I think is worth telling is that, his eyes always speak the state of his heart. He emotes really well. There are numerous other reasons too. But I think, this one tops the list. I am totally smitten by him! :D

So here are the top 5s:

Top 5 fav movies starring AB Jr. :
1. Guru
2. Dostana
3. Sarkar
4. Paa
5. Dhoom

Top 5 songs:
1. Rehna tu, hai jaise tu - Delhi-6
2. Ye hawayein,zulfon me teri guum ho jaaye - Bas itna sa khwab hai
3. Kabhi neem neem kabhi shehad shehad - Yuva
4. Jaane kyu, dil jaanta hai, tu hai toh I'll be all right -  Dostana
5. Aisa Lagta hai - Refugee

Top 5 looks:
1. Jhoom BarabarJhoom
2. Bluffmaster
3. Dostana
4. Sarkar
5. Paa

This one's the coolest song ever, picturised on AB jr. So here's a dedication from me to AB jr, on his birthday :)

(come to me bhool jaaye sara jahaan
come to me hum banale apni nayi jagah) - 2

listen up girl

ek main aur ek tu hai aur hawa mein jaadu hai
aarzoo bekabu hai samjho saare baat baaki
waqt ka kya bharosa banke paani beh jaaye
kal agar na mil paaye reh na jaaye baat baaki
right here right now hain khushi ka samaa
wind your body one time
right here right now hum hai is pal jaha
wind your body two time
bhool jaao muskurao reh na jaaye baat baaki

Happy wala birthday dude... :)

PS: Yeah.. can't help it! <3