Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Unexpected

One fine morning
You find no sun
You wake up yawning,
Wonder what's the fun

One wonderful evening
The sun refuses to set
The pastures that are greening
look brighter than the red

How do you feel?
When you fetch water-
all saline
How do you deal?
When nothing quenches your thirst
It's all sublime.

One dark night
The moon crazily laughs out
The watchman whistles right
and talks with a pout

How do you feel ?
When everything seems
Oh-so strange
How do you seal?
The lips which convey
feelings beyond range.

One beautiful day
A part of your soul meets
while you are on your way
to the Fisherman's street

How do you feel?
When unexpected becomes -
really true
How do you reveal?
The bliss that surfaces
from deep within you.

One honest prayer
Which you held really close
Was heard sometime, somewhere
a thing you humbly chose.

How do you feel?
When you get all you ever wanted
to take
How do you conceal?
The treasure you possess and
the bid you made