Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Travel Diaries - Istanbul to Dusseldorf

Of all the wonderful things about travelling abroad, one of the most interesting thing is missing the flights.Yeah, I missed my flight from Istanbul to Dusseldorf. I was sleep deprived since ages and another 4 hour wake up sprint was the most unwelcoming thing at the moment.

So what is the most lucrative thing that one could do when the waiting time for the next connecting flight is 4 hours? One blogs! :) And I consider that i am The One, like Neo in the matrix, because todayI feel I have found out what is going on in each mind.

All the people here speak in some strange language. Turkish, probably. There are some who speak in French too. But as I sit and observe each and every face, I realise what an amazing thing God has made.

The inside of every human is so intriguing. The lady in black with sexy leather stilettos, wearing pearl tops must be sure from Paris. There seem to be no fashion faux pas when I look at her. At, around, 50 she looks sleek and stunning.

Her mind probably is thinking about how can she attract maximum attention.

A strange man is wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and flaunting his arms. He seems to have been working out regularly. He looks drab, but he is all ready to fight the chill and bare his body.
It is really something strange. People go to any extent possible.

In his mind: I can't remember where I forgot my jacket. 

I can imagine a total nautanki scene out here with all these wonderful characters. A smart male sitting in front of me, a couple who pretend to be so much in love, a mother changing her baby’s nappy, an old man, staring at every one who’s passing by and me of course, who is looking everywhere and typing away the observations!

There are times like these when you feel that you have been made only to jot down your opinions, but reality, mere dost, is that your opinions are seldom valued.

Finally, it's time for security check it seems. One Bhala Manus, an Indian, apparently travelling in the same flight, came up to me and said that the gate number was changed and that I needed to board the flight from Gate 216, instead of 213.

Seriously, paraye desh me apne hi kaam aate hai. I would have almost missed my flight again, otherwise!

I sit in the waiting area as the security check, for other passengers goes on.

When my turn came, the security official asked me to open my bags. My accessory kit was checked thoroughly. My bracelets, earrings and bangles were scanned again, for what reason, I have no clue.

At the end of everything, the security dude, gave back my stuff and asked me to proceed for the flight. He seemed happy playing around with the little kit, it seems.

I have finally boarded the flight. Now I am sitting, next to a hot female, totally checking her out like I have never seen one before. With lots of resolutions and promises to get into shape, I realise that I am lulling to sleep.

I think I better take catch up on some sleep until they drop me at Dusseldorf.
Been ages since I slept, Maa Kasam!!


"What do you do to keep in shape?", she asks

"Nothing, just good diet and Yoga", I reply.

"Will you teach me yoga?", she asks

"Sure", I flaunt my slender legs, as I change my position.


Yeah! I reached Germany safe and sound and that, dear friends, was my dream!! :)