Friday, January 21, 2011

Travel Diaries - Germany (Weekend plans)

Apparently, there is an Indian couple who is staying in our motel, and this evening while returning from work, I saw him park his VW SUV in the parking lot.

I ran upstairs immediately and told my colleagues, that the Hella (Company name) guy has a big car.
And weekend was almost here! :P

So my colleague, Mr. S, decided that we go to Muenster this weekend, without spending any money, in the Hella Guy's car!!

So he went across the hall to the next door and at 7 pm in the evening, rang his door bell.
The Indian obliged by letting him in.

But Mr.S had a real weak memory about the places and so as to talk to him about the weekend plans he needed a laptop!

So he ended up inviting the couple for tea at his place.

Finally, the bhai chara showed true colours and they started yapping about the wonders of India, how Germany is different etc.

This Hella guy had stayed in Germany for 8 long years, he sure was perfectly eligible to become our tour guide.

So Mr.S began,

"So, What are your weekend plans?"

"My wife and I plan to go to Hamm."

"Hamburg? Wow!!", exclaimed Mr.S

"No just Hamm. H A M M", he spelt it out.

"We re going to Muenster. Why don't you come with us?", said Mr.S

"We need to go to the temple there, so I think we cannot change our plan", said the Hella guy.

"Ok. So how are you going to Hamm? What is special there?", asked Mr.S

"The temple in Hamm is really a beautiful one, plus there are a few Indian shops. And I have my car ", replied the Hella guy.

"Can we go too?", Mr.S asked bluntly.

"Umm.. am sorry but I have other colleagues with me, I am taking them along", he replied humbly.

"No no, if we want to go, how can we go", Mr. S asked.

"You can rent a car, or take a train.", replied the Hella guy.

"So what is the plan for next weekend? We are planning to go to Amsterdam. We can go by car.", said Mr.S

"I plan to go to Brussels, I am sorry to disappoint you again.", said the Hella guy.

"No, I meant, we will rent our own car. I was just asking for a suggestion, or if you wanted to join us", managed Mr.S covering up for all the double meaning talks he was making.

"Oh Ohkay. Great then." said the Hella guy.

"We should plan a trip together to someplace (So that atleast we save some money!!!)", said Mr.S

"Yes, then we should all go to Paris on the 12-13th Feb Weekend, as it would be Valentine's day", said the Hella guy giving a glance at her wife.

"Sure", said Mr. S and he realised that daal nahi galegi yaha.

After a few exchanges of ideas, suggestions and talks, the couple left.

Mr.S had decided that he would not visit Paris this time, as he had been there before, but that was the only supposedly free trip that we could have cashed on.

It was great to see two Indians bargain. Bargain, in the sense, keep their sides safe.

That's why I say, where ever you are, your heart ought to be Hindustani while making deals!!

I love my country, and my people!! :)