Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travel Diaries - Germany (Revelations )

1. In Germany, THERE ARE NO ANTS.
It's been 4 days that I have put Mango Malai barfi on the table, and they still are  unaffected by ants or any insects! Mind you, they were kept totally uncovered!

2. You, cannot, simply cannot, commit suicide by coming under a speeding truck, van or car. They'll stop and wait for you to cross the roads even if you are 100 metres away from the crossing.God bless them!! :)

3. The people here DO NOT DRINK WATER.
I was very thirsty, tired of drinking coffee and juices and a deep urge to consume water arose. I also wanted to have a bottle to keep it on my desk. I went to the canteen and asked the guy there,
"wasser zum trinken?"
"Ya", he gave me a bottle and it clearly said 'SODA'.
"I want plain water. Trinken wasser", I reiterated.
"This bottle, less gas, that bottle more gas", he said.
"No gas, Plain water?", I asked.
"Sorry!", he replied.
I finally bought the soda bottle, with 'less gas', threw away the contents of the bottle, washed it thoroughly, fetched some nice lukewarm water from the kitchen tap and drank it.
Felt Heavens!!

4. Indians in Germany refuse to give back a smile.
This is something very pathetic. I saw an Indian on the road, the other day, and was so glad to see Him. I gave a smile. I passed a vibe saying "Achha laga, ji aapko dekh kar".
He gave back a silent vibe ,"Hmmpphh".
Some people do not let go off their ego! Shhaayy..
I am wondering whether he really was an Indian. Or was he not?

5. Sun hates Germany.
I think it stays more in India :)