Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love Again

Amidst the chanting of hymns
For the Gracious God
In the vast playground
For the children - restless
And young
Among the millions who
thronged in the Shamiyana
in the name of devotion
It all seemed Faux
That's when, while
they walked on the pathway
and talked
and it felt
like the raindrops kissed
the bosom of the earth,
she felt bliss

In the traffic of emotions
On the road
With plenty of thoughts in minds
Numerous emotions in hearts
Immeasureable decibels
he asked her to voice
What she held inside
she spoke to him
And he heard with care
and it felt like
he helped her push
a mountain
she felt peace

Under the vast blue
which looked so grey
in the absence of  Sun
with a selfish moon
When time flew
fast, and she
couldn't hold it
He shone like a sun
She couldn't look into
his eyes
said, "Time's over"
and it felt like
a thousand lives and more
she couldn't thank him
for shining so bright.
Once again
she felt love