Monday, January 24, 2011

Dortmund vs Stuttgart

The Eurobahn is a very very famous thing out here. The train, I am talking about! They say, if you don't travel once atleast in the Eurobahn, your entire Eurotrip :P, I mean the Europe trip is useless.
So there, we thought it, and we made it!

We took the train from Lippstadt to Muenster, via Hamm. And while we waited at the platform for the train to come, I saw a few young lads, heavily built, wearing these Black and Yellow Jerseys which said "Dortmund".

I inferred that there'd be some rally, or some college fest must be going on, and therefore they all wore the common thing.

A few minutes later, the train arrived. It looked chic. I'd never boarded a metro in all my trips to our national capital, but looking at this EuroBahn.. Jeez, I thought, the purpose of my life would now be fulfilled.

And when that thing came to a halt, I tried to analyse my situation.

I was utterly confused.

The temperature felt like Europe, but the crowd was so India!

Yes, the train seemed no less than a local train of Mumbai. The supporters of Dortmund football team had created a ruckus. There were people standing everywhere. The only colours that I could spot was Blonde - their hair, White - their skin, Black - their jersey and a few yellows here and there saying DORTMUND!

Finally we found a place to settle.
How I wished they spoke in English! The group that was standing closest to us had 4 boys aged around 13-14.

I asked one of them "What's going on?", pointing at his jacket.

"This? Soccer! Dortmund vs Stuttgart.", one of them replied in fluent English.

"Are you going to Dortmund?", I asked.

"Hell Yeah!! DORTMUND jdfhsjkdfh sdjfhsdjkfh suifhs DORTMUND!!", he screamed.

I was taken aback when the entire crowd began cheering. I wouldn’t have been surprised if there were cheer girls too.

 The train was literally overcrowded, and while people yelled, they stood so close, that they must have put their words in the each other's mouth.

That close.

I was having a good time.

They all opened beer bottles and finished it bottoms up. One after the other, then the other and it went on.
The atmosphere became really warm, because of the heater inside the train and the excess accumulation of carbon dioxide. At one point, I'd almost started to sweat. It felt so much like Mumbai. So much like India.

 I wondered things are not really different on this side of the Earth. Every one needs a reason to let go off their sanity and enjoy like one has never done before.

For this crowd, sure it was soccer. I was overwhelmed to see so much energy in a 3 compartment train.
I cannot really comment about the train. But the people, and their craze for soccer.. Boy!!

For record, Dortmund won! :)