Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kissa 'age' ka

This happened during our training days in our first job.
We were asked to fill a form which looked somewhat like this:

Father's Name:_________________ 

So one of the very intelligent and my favorite member of our training group did something out of the world!
Let's assume his name is Rahul....say, Rahul Mahajan. ;)

He started filling his form

Name: Rahul Mahajan

Father's Name: Mr. Mahajan                    


At this point he called his father.

Rahul: Papa, aap ki 'age' kya hai?

Mr. Mahajan: Kyu?

Rahul : Form bharna hai, aapki age puchh rahe hai.

We all were in splits.

While recollecting those golden days of training, we happened to revive this particular incident. We wondered "Aisa bhi hua tha?"

And I still say, Jee haan, Aisa bhi hua tha, aur aaj bhi kai baar, Aisa (Bhi) Hota Hai!!