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Chapter 1: Champ-ag(ai)n-e
Chapter 2: Dreams
Chapter 3: Emergence of Events
Chapter 4: Fun-Employed
Chapter 5: Golden Dusk
Chapter 6: Heart to Heart


The month of January had dawned. The New Year was more pleasant than the previous one. Dreams were coming true. Reality seemed to be replaced by dreams. Kim, Rishi and Anuj were happy. Very happy.
But there was an iota of sadness that still persisted.
The three were separated by time and distance. The only thing that brought them together was gtalk.

As decided, they all came online to chat. Anuj was the first to get online.

Anuj: Ping. Guys, you there?
Kim: Yep
Anuj: wassup?
Kim: I am very sleepy already. It's 1 am here.
Anuj: It's a weekend. Stay up and talk. Don't give reasons.
Kim: Do I have a choice? ;)

Rishi: Yo Uncle Sam, Yo are you doing?
Kim: Good. Can u learn to be on time? Ever?
Rishi: What time? I am on time. Some random time.
Anuj: So Kim. How do you feel? Have you done justice to us?
Kim: Feels good. Justice or no justice, that you have read and tell.
Rishi: I want one autographed copy of your book. Ok?
Kim: Wow. Thanks Rishi. You will get the first copy, and that too signed by me.
Rishi: It's not for me btw. It's for my driver, here at Melbourne.
Anuj : Lol...:D :D
Kim: Damn you!

Anuj: How many pages did you finally print?
Kim: 348. Including acknowledgements and all those things, you know.
Rishi: So do you talk about us anywhere?
Kim: No!!

Anuj: Arre don't make her mad, Rishi.
Rishi: Ok. So, when is the release?
Kim: 23rd January. I'd told you? Hadn't I?
Rishi: Sorry! I keep forgetting.
Anuj: So who is the chief guest?
Kim: I am still trying to get Anusha Roy. Wonder if she'll make it.

Rishi: Hmm...had I been there, I would have done the honours.

Kim: I wouldn't have let you.
Rishi: So,Anuj, any plans for India?
Anuj: No man. Sometime later this year, probably.

Kim understood that she would have no one on the most important day of her life. Rishi realised that Anuj was too involved in his job to take time out for Kim. Anuj thought why couldn't Rishi attend Kim's book release.

The thought process in the three minds, at three different locations were different, but the feeling that arose out of the thought process was the same - that of pain.

They were too good a set of friends to not feel the hurt. Anuj kept thinking about the champagne deal.

Rishi cluelessly browsed some websites. Kim, fell asleep while chatting.

The status on gtalk, for all three of them, showed 'available'. But they actually weren't.

to be contd

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