Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Indian Tea and a Mexican Chic

All the characters in this story are fictional. Resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental.

Once upon a time there was a guy- Smart handsome and Indian. He travelled across oceans for work. 3 months in a year he would be in Australia, and holiday at the Great barrier reef. In summer he would profoundly examine the artistic portrayals in France and the winters would be in the snow clad mountains of the Appalachians.

Indian at heart, he loved tea to the core. Like a true Indian, again, he loved Mexican girls even more. One of them happened to work with him while he stayed at New York.  The business talks slowly graduated to informal talks, and that led to sharing of likes and dislikes. One fine day they talked and talked and ...

"It's winter already, it seems!", said the guy.

"Betchya", the lady replied.

"We'll have snow pretty soon"

"Yeah! I think so too", the lady added.

"Coffee??", asked the Indian.

"Umm... I like tea. I have some Chinese tea which tastes delicious. Would you like to have some?"

"From where did you get Chinese tea?", asked the guy, surprised.

"One of our clients from China was here. He gave it to me", she replied.

"You probably have never had Indian tea before", the Indian dude, took it on ego and flaunted the Indian tea.

"Do you have some now? I have never tasted it before", the Mexican lady said.

"You'll have to come home for that. I'll make you a tea just like they do in India", the guy said proudly.

"Now? We got work, you know!", the lady apprehended.

"Yes. Now!  If you want to taste something exquisite, it's now! or never!", said the guy.

"Are you sure?", the lady asked and smiled.

"Yes. I am sure", the guy reaffirmed and looked into her eyes.

The guy thought that the lady would refuse, and the lady thought the guy would put it off for the next time. But the situation became unavoidable.

The Indian drove the lady to his apartment and prepared some nice tea. He poured it into the flask so that it would suffice for the day.

"You want to have some here, or in the office?", the guy asked.

"In the office??No No!!  Let's have it here!!", the lady replied.

"But we might get late. You know, how we sneaked out, right?", the guy said.

"Yeah! Ok, lets go back to work then", the lady said, disappointingly.

They drove back to work and they had the Indian tea together.

"I like this tea. A bit rough though!", the lady said.

"Yes!  Worth it! No?", the Indian asked.

"But I'd prefer Chinese tea, anyday", the Mexican lady said.

And the Indian wondered what was so special about the Chinese tea.