Thursday, December 30, 2010


It was a splendid morning today. I decided to ride all the way to work instead of taking the cab. I am glad I did that.
I have to ride more than 20 kms to reach my office. And what one normally does while riding a bike? Look around? Concentrate? Enjoy the ride?
Bleeaahh! I introspect!
The Fog was so dense that I couldn't see what stood 1 meter ahead. One particular patch of the road looked entirely clueless to me. But once I went through that patch, I plunged into a beautifully lit patch with sun shining bright and squeezing out of the fog which I had left behind.
I wondered what this FOG business was all about. And like a dreamy writer, I interpreted FOG as F.O.G = Forget Old Grudges.
With the year ending, I thought, instead of only being positive, I need to shed the negatives too. Ideally I tend to be an optimist, overtly so, but I find it really difficult to leave behind the pessimism. And I say I am an Obscure Optimist! So I decided to clean myself internally, by removing all the grossness, grudges, and forgive people who have hurt me, forgive life for treating me bad when I thought it treated me bad, forgetting all the times when I thought I was humiliated and treated badly. Let go my Ego and feel lighter. Forget all the Old Grudges which I had been accumulating.
So, in those 45 minutes of my journey from Home to Work, I FOGged while the heavens Fagged!
I forgive myself for thinking low about my abilities when I had no job, no work and no earnings.
I forget the grudges that I had against people who were hypocrites and pretended to be friends.
I forget the grudge that I held against You because you mistook me and thought that I reject your calls
I forget the grudge that I held against You for committing a dinner with me and then sliding away with someone else
I forgive You for showing me all the paradise and leaving me stranded, directionless. I have now found my way.
I forgive You for not returning my book after reading it.
I forgive You for reaching late every time when we decided to meet.
I forget the grudge that I held against You for removing the screen guard off my new brand cell phone.
I forgive Aishwarya Rai for marrying my sweetheart. I liked her performance in Guzaarish.
I forget the grudge that I held against You for not doing that extra bit when I did everything extra for you, your sister and your friends.
I forget the grudge I held against You for being so selfish and eccentric.
I forget all the old grudges and I feel free. If you can relate with the ‘You’, trust me, it’s forgotten and forgiven J
The Fog has cleared. And the Sun is shining bright. New Year, New Beginnings :)