Monday, December 20, 2010

8. J for Joy

Before you read further :

Chapter 1: Champ-ag(ai)n-e
Chapter 2: Dreams
Chapter 3: Emergence of Events
Chapter 4: Fun-Employed
Chapter 5: Golden Dusk
Chapter 6: Heart to Heart
Chapter 7: Inferences

"... and he realised he was in love. But it was too late. He decided to set her free. He was sure that she wouldn't come back. He felt the pain, leading to a sublte pleasure. He stood facing the sea and allowed the wind to play with his hair. He took a stick lying near his foot and wrote on the sand "G I T I K A". He waited until the waves lashed the shore and wiped away her name. He smiled.

He turned back and saw Anuj- His best friend. This was the umpteenth time he had let gone a girl, not for another one, but for the sake of love.

He stood testimony to the one of the best love stories ever."

Kim finished reading the synopsis of her book. The audience was glued for 40 minutes. Some eyes were filled with tears, some faces smiled. They all ran into a thunderous applause after Kim rose from her chair.

The host announced "Letting go” -by  Kim Fernandes. Book on sale from 23rd January 2011. Pick up your copies for Rs. 359. Available at Crosswords".

Kim stood in ecstasy. She couldn't believe that she had published a book. Her dream had come true.
She got busy shaking hands with all the people who had come for the reading. She took out some time and spoke to Anusha Roy, who appreciated her for her young and fresh style of writing.

She had always idolized Anusha.

She looked around -with pride and glee.

All of a sudden she felt something cold, chilly, on her bare arms.

"Ouch", she reacted, and turned back.

"ANUJ.....", she hugged him. After a long hug she began "and what WAS that?", she asked.
Anuj showed her a bottle.

"ppaparapaparapajoujoujou", Rishi emerged.

"You guys!!!", Kim was speechless.

"Now before this champagne gets hot and your demand gets hotter, lets escape", said Anuj

"Ma'am, can I pick up one book.", asked Rishi.

"Ofcourse!!", Kim was still struggling for words.

"For my driver. I promised him", said Rishi.

Kim hit him hard. She was living a dream within a dream.

"Let's go", Anuj reinstated.

The three of them went to their usual hangout. It was an old historical structure in the outskirts on Mumbai.

"I did not like the ending of your novel. Bull shit it was", said Rishi, "You get all credits for your literary skills and I don't even get a girl!" Rishi ended.

"You get me!!", said Kim naughtily.

"I don't want you!! I want that Gitika female. Oh wait! I have to read your novel to find out how much babe factor she's got", mocked Rishi.

"When did y'all come?", asked Kim, looking at Anuj, ignoring Rishi's talks.

"Yesterday!", replied Anuj looking at Kim.

"And our dreams have come true, sweetheart. We just wanted you to finally make it to the stage and then voila...!", said Rishi in a very appreciative tone.

"The champagne now, for the Champ-again", said Rishi.

"Yeah! Finally", said Kim.

"Fourth time for you guys. No?", asked Anuj.

Kim and Rishi looked at each other and laughed.

"We are not betrayers. We are not deceivers. We are friends, friends for ever!!", Rishi sang.
"That doesn't even rhyme, Rishi", said Kim.

"So, y'all stuck to the deal, huh?", Anuj smiled and his face shone.

"Deal it was, deal it is, deal it would have always been, dude", said Rishi.

"So, let’s open it! To the three best people on planet Earth", said Anuj

"Cheers!!", Kim rejoiced.

"Cheers!", said Anuj.

"Kim, you should start working on your next book", said Rishi as he sipped champagne, “Exquisite, Anuj”, he complimented the drink.

"Yeah and....?", asked Kim as she sipped champagne.

"Let me write about myself. I want to be a tennis player in your next novel.... or how about making me a poilitician?", asked Rishi...

...and the crazy talks went on and on. Anuj as usual sat staring at the vast sky thanking God for

everything he had, a wonderful, life, friends, career and a dream which had come true.

"...and I get to choose my girl too.....", Rishi wondered if Kim got his point.


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