Friday, December 17, 2010

6. Heart to Heart

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Chapter 1: Champ-ag(ai)n-e
Chapter 2: Dreams
Chapter 3: Emergence of events
Chapter 4: Fun-Employed
Chapter 5: Golden Dusk


"What are you doing, Kim?", asked Rishi

"Writing", replied Kim ignoring Rishi's curiosity.

"What?", asked Anuj, deeply concentrating on his laptop, but merely asking as a formality.

"Nothing", replied Kim, ignoring everything else around her.

"Rishi created a superficial aura which...which...which...what? What have you written, Kim", asked Rishi peeping into Kim's notebook and reading out loud.

"Rishi created a superficial aura which attracted the bodies of the universe in a small sphere inside the chamber", read out Kim.

"Bull shit. I give you the liberty to use my name, doesn't mean you make this poor Rishi do anything.", cried out Rishi.

"And that doesn't even make sense, Kim. What have you written?", asked Anuj.

"That's none of your business, I'll pay you all the royalty you want for using your names, once my book sells", said Kim.

"Are you writing a Sci-Fi?", asked Rishi.

"No", replied Kim.

"Make me a romantic lead or a sportsman, or atleast a bartender", said Rishi.

Kim and Anuj laughed.

"This is not a part of my novel", said Kim.

"Then?", asked Rishi.

"I am just playing with ideas", replied Kim.

"You are playing with my name, my identity, my...everything", replied Rishi animatedly.

Kim and Anuj looked at each other helplessly and laughed.

"When will you finish playing with your ideas and come up with your novel?", asked Anuj.

"Boy! Writing a novel is like living a dream. Not that easy", said Kim as a matter- of- fact-ly.

Kim sat staring at her diary, recollecting the exact moment when she would release her book.

"Then love your dream and live your dream", Anuj interrupted.

"Seriously. Make Rishi anything you want. Astronaut is fine too. But work on your novel", said Rishi, motivating Kim.

"Yes, guys. You are right!", said Kim.

All three sat in silence with varied thoughts in their minds and blank expressions on their faces.

"Coffee?", interrupted Kim.

"No you sit and write. I'll make some, today", said Rishi.

Kim smiled. Anuj signalled him to make it a bit stronger. Rishi went inside the kitchen singing his favorite song. Kim and Anuj loved listening to Rishi.

The chase for dreams was still on.

to be contd...

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