Friday, December 17, 2010

5. Golden Dusk

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Chapter 1: Champ-ag(ai)n-e
Chapter 2: Dreams
Chapter 3: Emergence of Events
Chapter 4. Fun-Employed


Anuj leaned on the parapet and stared into the horizon. It was winter, but the sun shone pretty bright that day. The setting sun left a mix of beautiful shades of yellow.

He felt a chill as he sipped coffee and remembered all the good times he had with Rishi and Kim when they used to discuss about their dreams. The coffee was different. The memories, weren't.

He wondered, if distances had emerged between him and his friends. He wondered how long would he run for his dream. He was way past the finishing line. He had achieved everything.
He recollected how Rishi always made fun of him.

"Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet, you fool", Anuj would always say, "Get the name correct, we won't die sipping Draught all our life", he'd make his point.

The champagne deal was very close to Anuj's heart. He wondered, how easily could the other two break it.

He logged on to his gtalk and found Kim online. He pinged her.

Anuj: Hey Kim. Ssup?

Kim: Hi Anuj. All's good yaa. Just a li'l bit of hangover.

Anuj: Yeah! Rishi told me. So what did y'all have?

Kim: I forgot. Didn't Rishi tell you?

Anuj: He did.

Kim: Don't be mad at us. We are really sorry for breaking the deal.

Anuj felt bad. Really bad.

Anuj: It's ok. It was just a champagne. A deal. You guys have made it. You've just returned from Europe, Rishi is minting foreign currencies, dreams have come true.

Kim: Yes. They have.

Anuj tried a hundred times to write a sentence but managed to type just one word.

Anuj: So..

Kim: I gotta go Anuj. ttyl. Bye tc. :)

Anuj wondered what has changed so much ? Did he always care way beyond limits or did he not express enough? Somewhere deep within he believed that the deal remained very important for Kim and Rishi too. But reality was different.

While he was thinking about it all alone, his cellphone beeped. It was Rishi's message.

"Call me." It read.

Anuj dialled the number.

"Yes dude", started Anuj.

"Man, I am leaving for Melbourne next month", said Rishi.

"Awesome. For how long?", asked Anuj.

"6 months", Rishi lied.

"And Kim's...?"asked Anuj.

"Yeah Yeah, I won't be there", Rishi took over Anuj's statement and added.

"We have to do something", said Anuj.

"Why don't you advance your plans of coming to India", asked Rishi.

"I was wondering too. My cousin is getting engaged at the same time, so I think i can make it", said Anuj.

"For Kim, you have to do it dude. It'll be really unfair otherwise", added Rishi.

"Alright, let me check", said Anuj.

"Ok. Text me if you finalize anything", said Rishi and he hung the phone.

Until now, Anuj was only thinking of going to India. Now he had decided.


"Kim, you feeling better today?", asked Rishi, heading towards to kitchen to grab some cookies.

"Kinda. I have decided never to booze again", said Kim.

"Wow. Me too.", said Rishi.

Both looked at each other and they laughed.

"I gotta go to Australia next month", said Rishi.

"When?", asked Kim.

"First week", said Rishi.

"Awesome", exclaimed Kim, feeling a bit dejected but sounding overtly excited, " and when do you come back?" she added.

"6 months", Rishi replied munching on the cookies.

"Wow!", replied Kim, wondering whether Rishi had forgotten how important the month would be for her.

"Gotta go", replied Rishi and ran out without talking much, "Bye", he yelled.

Kim slipped into a thought stream, trying to make sense of what Rishi said.

to be contd...

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