Thursday, December 16, 2010

4. Fun-Employed

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Chapter 1: Champ-ag(ai)n-e
Chapter 2: Dreams
Chapter 3: Emergence of Events



"My MBA gets over next summer. But I am really worried about getting the right job, ya", said Rishi. He never sounded so serious.

"It's so uncertain. Talent goes waste like this, see", said Anuj.

"We ought to do something. If this goes on for another month, I will have to start planning for something else", said Rishi.

"Like what?", Anuj thought, and then continued "Let's open a bar", suggestedAnuj, barging into Rishi's zone of talks.

Rishi smiled momentarily. He became serious again. "You know what you want in life, right?", he added.

"Yes. I have known it enough and for pretty long now", said Anuj, getting serious too.

"So how about employing Kim to play the bar girl?", started Rishi.

"You called out my name?", started Kim, who was busy writing away notes in her notebook.

"Yeah, come here. We got a plan. And we want you to be our business partner", said Rishi.
Anuj laughed.

"Yeah tell me what is it?", asked Kim seriously.

"We plan to open a business and we want you to be the attraction, major face of our brand", said Rishi.

"Ok.", said Kim, realising that it was going to lead to some joke and insensible talk.

"You deal for a partnership?", asked Anuj.

"Yeah. What would I have to do?", asked Kim doubting their intentions.

"Dance", said Rishi.

Anuj and Rishi laughed.

"Yeah... and? anything else?", asked Kim, ignoring the talks heading towards the coffee jar.

"No, we are serious", said Rishi and Anuj in sync.

"Ok, deal then. I really don't mind dancing in your bar", added Kim, replying totally against the expectations of the two guys.

"So let's talk about the investment then?", started Rishi.

"I can only invest 278 cds. I need  songs to dance on, right guys?", asked Kim sarcastically.

"Yeah, right! I can give up my huge collection of Beer mugs", said Rishi.

"And what about the champagne guys? Is this it? Our dreams?", Anuj got serious again, thinking about the deal they had made long ago.

"Dreams are mere dreams, my friend. Reality is what we face..this...this..and this.", said Rishi pointing at the floor, Kim and the coffee jar.

All sat silently, staring into the oblivion. After a brief silence, Kim began "Some more coffee?"

"Yeah!", said Anuj, wondering how much 1$ was in Rupees.

"Me too", said Rishi, staring at his Samsung phone wondering when would it be replaced by a blackberry.

"Gimme 2 minutes", said Kim and disappeared, as she sketched two main characters of her novel.

to be contd..

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