Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3. Emergence of Events

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Chapter 1. Champ-ag(ai)n-e
Chapter 2. Dreams


"Anuj hung the phone, Kim. He hates me", cried Rishi.

"Hmmm.. So, how drunk are you?", asked Kim.

"As much as you are", said Rishi.

"I am NOT drunk. Stop saying that!", Kim made her point.

"Nor am I, baybeh. As much as you are, I said. NIL", said Rishi.

Both of them laughed. Hard, then harder.

"Go back home now. You are not allowed to stay at my place", said Kim, stumbling upon the couch which came in her way.

Rishi held her and both of them fell down. They resumed laughter and sat on the carpet wondering how topsy turvy the world seemed.

"What was the champagne Anuj said we'd have? Pernoriperrier-Jou Jou jou", he went on with a french accent.

Kim laughed.

"He says all kind of funny names. I will put this name on his epitaph. Jou jou pernoriperriiririripeprprii", Rishi mocked.

"You have already killed him? Don't be mad at him. Poor fellow!", said Kim.

"Yeah. You are right. We instigated him. We deserve a little hang up and a hang over", Rishi giggled at his own joke.

Kim looked clueless.

"I never thought 7 tequilas could do this", said Rishi, "I was a teetotaller, once", he ended with an air.

Kim laughed. After a squeaky pause she began, "Wish we could have champagne. I loved that golden bottle", she said.

"Crazy or what? We should anyhow wait for Anuj to come until we have his parapaparapajoujoujou champagne", Rishi giggled.

"Yeah. So now that you have lied that we had champagne, what would he think?", asked Kim.

"He will fly to India pretty soon", said Rishi.

"Noooh no no no!", Kim sang, "you are over estimating. He won't come to India, but he might throw attitude and act like proud, angry Uncle Sam for a few months", said Kim.

"You want him here, don't you?", asked Rishi.

"I dooo. Our dreams are coming true. This is it.. We are here. Anuj isn't. I do want him here!", cried Kim.

"He will be here!", Rishi said, seriously.

"Before the....(hic)....", started Kim and puked again.

Rishi had sobered by then. He put Kim to sleep and imagined the scene when they would all meet.

Rishi closed the door of Kim's room, locked the main door and took the street towards his home. It was a cool winter night.

He checked his blackberry. He had 3 Emails. He opened the first one.

It read:

Hello Mr.Rishi,

We seek your presence in Melbourne in the first week of January 2011, for 2 months. Kindly confirm your availability.
Kind Regards,
HR department.

Rishi smiled. His smile disappeared and reflected a frown immediately as he calculated the date. 23rd January 2011. He saw his calender, "Saturday", he called out, thinking about something.

He walked towards his home, mentally prioritising his life, friends, and work.

to be contd...

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