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2. Dreams

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"I remember the days when we used to share our dreams, the silly ones", said Rishi

"Yes. Especially the day when we met after 6 long years! Remember?", said Anuj.

"Ofcourse", added Rishi.

"What were your dreams, guys!", asked Kim.

Both the guys laughed.

"We'll talk about the ones which are not yet fulilled", said Rishi.

"Yes", reaffirmed Anuj.

"Wow. I don't have any dreams. I am happy with what I have", said Kim with a serene smile
which proved that she was at peace no matter what.

"Liar. Say that you don't apply your brains and talk out loud. I am sure you have dreams too.", said Anuj.

"Hmmm... may be! may be not!", said Kim. "So what are your dreams?", she added.

Anuj and Rishi looked at each other. The moon shone bright as they sipped beer. They looked up at the sky.

Anuj breathed heavily and began, "I want to go back to the US. Earn a bit more, and come back and teach the kids here."

Kim smiled.

"And you, Rishi", asked Kim.

"You want to listen to the silly one or the one which makes sense and sounds, you know - grown up types", asked Rishi.

"Tell me all of  'em", said Kim.

"I always wanted to go to Vegas and spend and spend without worrying about how much would be left in my bank account. I wanted to drive a ferrari on...", went on Rishi.

"Rishi, let the silly ones be. Let's talk sense", said Anuj.

"Yeah. Ohk." said Rishi and paused for a moment and then continued, "seriosuly speaking, I always...alllwaaaayyys wanted to date Maria Sharapova."

"Shut up!! Really??", rejoiced Kim, "and this is what you call serious?"

"Useless fellow", Anuj shrugged and sipped beer looking at the vast sky thinking profoundly.

"Anuj is in a different mood. Let's get back to the serious talks", Rishi whispered in Kim's ears.

Kim giggled.

"Now, seriosuly Kim, I want to do an MBA so that with that degree I get to travel overseas to all places possible", replied Rishi.

Kim nodded.

"And you?", asked Rishi tapping Kim's shoulder.

"What? me? I have no dream. I told you!", said Kim.

"There must be something that you always wanted to do or achieve", asked Rishi.

"Hmm... To put it as a dream, I'd say, I wanted to see Greece, France and Italy. I wanted to write about these places in my novel. And the only way possible would be if I visit them and see for myself what they looked like", said Kim.

"Ok Miss writer, so there you are..
You have a dream...
A song to sing...
To help you cope...with anything
", Rishi started singing.

Anuj and Kim joined,
"If you see the wonder, of the fairy tale...
 You can take the future, even if you fail...
I believe in angels, 
something good in everything I see...
I believe in angels,
When I know the time is right for me...
I'll cross the stream...
I have a dream...."

"No guys seriously! If ever, in life we were to fulfill our dreams, we would sit just like this and sip beer and celebrate", said Kim.

"Dumb head. If you fulfil your dream you'll be a writer, successful one at that, Anuj will be in States, earning in dollars, and I will fly high in the sky... and you talk about beer", Rishi chided.

"We'll have Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet", said Anuj.

"What's that now?", asked Kim

"The most exquisite Champagne", said Anuj with an air.

"And until then, we should make a deal, that none of us would have champagne without either of us", added Rishi.

"Deal!", said Kim, wondering whether her dream will ever come true.

"Deal, said Anuj", throwing a high five at Rishi and then Kim.

"Deal, it is then", said Rishi, returning the high five, his eyes almost twinkling.

to be contd..

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