Monday, December 13, 2010

1. Champ-ag(ai)n-e

"I am a loser! Loser for life", said Rishi while talking on phone with Anuj.

"I know. But what happened?", asked Anuj.

"I am drunk -without you for the third time! Third time, my my entire liieeeffff", replied Rishi dramatically.

Anuj laughed realising that Rishi was already out.

"So? It's ok. We will sit again and booze when we meet next year", comforted Anuj.

"Three times I have betrayed you my dear friend. Three times", said Rishi.

"No problem, Rishi. Tell me, did you have fun?", asked Anuj.

"I did not. The last two times were pathetic without you", replied Rishi.

"Stop behaving like a girl now. Go to sleep and we'll talk tomorrow", said Anuj realising that Rishi was getting emotional.

"No Dammit. There was no one to...", started Rishi.

"I know Rishi, how much you value me. But now, you have to stop behaving like a sissy, shut your mouth and go to sleep.", said Anuj.

"Noooo...Anuj... hic...(pause)...", Rishi went silent.

"Rishi.. Rishi, you there?", asked Anuj.

"Yess..... Listen to me now....without interrupting, you A******", shouted Rishi.

Anuj laughed. Hysterically.

"I puked all the three times I boozed without you.", said Rishi, sipping water.

Anuj laughed harder.

"And that too at a girl's place..", said Rishi.

Anuj couldn't control his laughter.

"To top it all, it was while I was...", went on Rishi.

"Don't tell me...", Anuj screeched out laughing out really loud.

"Will you LISTEN", Rishi started getting a bit loud and angry.

"Yeah, tell me. In detail", Anuj calmed down and decided to listen to the story.

"So what was I saying?", Rishi sounded clueless.

"To top it all....", Anuj added, reminding Rishi the last thing he said.

"Yeah, to top it all, it was at Kim's place", said Rishi.

...he continued, "While I went to drop her home when she was totally drunk too".

"Boy!!", said Anuj.

"Kim is a sweetheart. I love her", Rishi said.

"So? Where's she now?",asked Anuj, with a little care.

"She's in the washroom, throwing up", Rishi ended the statement with a demeanour.

Anuj again started laughing.

"What did y'all have?", asked Anuj.

"Just 7 Tequila shots and..", Rishi went on.

"A Champagne", he conlcuded.

"WHHAAATT?? Without me?", asked Anuj.

"The third time", added Rishi.

Anuj hung the phone.

to be contd...

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