Thursday, November 11, 2010

Work and play and fly and party!

Ever since childhood I always wanted to travel abroad. And abroad would mean, not to nepal, or sri-lanka or pakistan. I wanted to go to Europe. If you ask why not America, then I'd say that I had people from the US visiting us most of the times, and I thought, bleeaahh! people in America are just like my people so I might as well have a look at how things are in Europe.

Trust me, this happened to be one of the things on "To-Do before I Die" list. I meticulously aimed for it, and thought that it really looked great as a dream and I had no idea that the dream would come true someday.

Now that it has, I feel like what else do I have to do? That was just one of the points on the "to-do" list, but it was a big fat one afterall. I am glad i could make one of the wishes come true!

So, people, yeah! I fly to Germany this weekend. For work obviously, but who said when you work you don't party? :D

While i was telling this news to a friend he asked me to salute the great Hitler when I go there. I said I would, but I asked why? He said, Germany is what it is because of him.
I had actually forgotten that it was indeed Adolf dude's land. I know Germany more as a land famous for Beer and liquor chocolates. I knew it as a land famous for musical instruments and technology, the wonderful German cars and their wonderful names.

"Volkswagen" still enthuses me to no end. It's such a wonderful name.

Anyway, so the point is that history was totally forgotten and the references to the context changed. I felt bad about it. To make it up for that, I am going to read Mein Kampf on my trip to Germany.

But if the sceneries are breathtaking, I might as well forget a bit of more history and revise it once I return to India.

For now, It's Germany calling Baybeh... !! :D

Zum Wohl!! :)