Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grrrrrrr many!!

So people, howdy? I am in a new land, with new people, with a language which I thought I
always knew but I feel totally lost when people ask me,"wallagemjahrehaaineit?"

I have been making a conscious effort to pick up new and useful words so that, you know, I
die a satisfied soul, for having attempted to learn a new language to some extent.(Yes, I am
learning German from scratch)

So far, this is my vocabulary, from the land of Hitler... yeah!! I do not know the exact
meaning of these words, but i know how and where to use them..

1. Bloop -  Whenever you want to indicate an unexpected occurence.
   Usage: "I got up this morning, and bloop, there was no sun!"

2. Ermaah: Whenever you want to induce an effect of thoughtfulness along with a pause. It
sounds more like. Errm...uh..aaah..
   usage: "I will come to office at ermaah 8 in the morning."

3. Genau: When you exert a lot of confidence and make a point.
usage: "Genau! Genau! try it!"

4. bloyaag: (sounds similar to blog!) When you are tired you say this word.
Usage: "Bloyaag. We Kon-ti-new later."

There is another way these people talk. They put questions and make a statement.
for example, if someone's showing me the way to the canteen, then I would get into a

conversation like this.

"Can you show me where's the canteen??"
I get a reply.

"Hey. (pause). You say you want to go to the canteen? (pause). Can you go to the canteen?
Hey, yes you can. This way."

And they simply show you the direction. And for fools like me, i would never be able to make
out what directions they give, let alone be the part of reaching canteen. :(

Indians have a typical habit of converting the foreign currency into Indian Rupees everytime they get into a money deal. An indian colleague happened to ask the lady at the canteen counter.

"How much for the bun?"
"80 cents"
"Baapre. 80 cents matlab.... 48 Rs.? Pagal hi hoga koi!! Ok, let it be. how much for french fries?"
"3 Euros!"
"iski toh... 180 Rs ka french fries? Apne Maaac D me toh 40 Rs. me milta hai itna"
In the meantime the lady packs the french fries and waits for us to pay 3 euros.
Her pretty face and charming smiles makes us pay and move on.
"Saala, 200-200 ka ek time khayenge toh kaisa hoga? How much for coke?"
"Sir. I will give you a rate card tomorrow. You can refer to that. Thank you."
"Ye achha rahega."

I feel proud and pathetic at the same time!!

So that's the fun of being in Europe. Since morning I have been gungunaoing "Phir bhi dil
hai hindustani wala song!! But it doesn't change things...
5 days in Europe and i feel I have come to some strange land. Aur bohot duniya dekhna bacha hai bhai... :)
More updates sooon!! :)