Friday, November 12, 2010

Action Reaction

"What Ken? You've got cold?"
"No! Aaaacchhhhoooo"
"What no? See you are sneezing"
"No Betty, it's not col'...Aaaaccchhhooooo"
"Why do you keep saying no? You are sick, aren't you?"
"I am not sic'..AAcchhhhoooooo"
"Here, take my handkerchief"
"Frrrrrrrrrchhhhhhhh..... Thanks Betty"
"Eiiuuu... I don't want it back. And what's this sneezing spree"
"Accchhhhhhoooooooooo.. your handkerchief!!!???"
"No, I don't want it, Ken. You can keep it."
"It's... very.... Aaacchhhhooooooo"
"What's with my handkerchief?"
"..Just like you....AAccchhhoooooo"
"What like me? Stop sneezing!"
"I can't. It keeps comin'...Aaacccchhhoooo"
"You won't be able to come to school tomorrow.You are getting a fever."
"NOOOO!!! Acchhhoooooo"
"Come let's go back home. I'll tell your mom that you are getting sick"
"No!! Take your handkerchief"
"I don't want it dirty. Keep it. What's wrong with you?"
"What's wrong with you son?"
"Grampa... Aachhhhooooooo. Slurrrp slurrrrp."
"Betty, is that your handkerchief?"
"It is beautiful. Just like you"
"Thank you so much. Doesn't it smell good?"
"It smells lovely. What did you put on this?"
"Mom's perfume."
"How much?"
"I kept spraying until the hanky got wet"
"And how much did you put on yourself"
"Pretty much the same. I love the smell."
"Accchhhooooooooo. Why Betty, Why?"
"Because it's weekend. And you said we would go to the park and play"
"And make me sneeze all the while?"
"I thought you would like it"
" what?"
"The fragrance. Dad likes it when mom wears it."
"Don't you ever do that again. I won't play with you"
"Ok. But I thought you'd..."
"Acchhhooooooo, NO, I said"
"You know what Betty? Ken's Gramma has never worn perfume but she still manages to smell amazing"
"Would I be able to do that too?"
"Yes. I think Ken would love it that way!!"
"Yes? And he would play with me too?"
"Ofcourse, my dear. He would"

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