Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snippets from Life

Weekend was awesome!!  We talked, rode through Tamhini ghats to Mulshi and had loadsa fun!!

5 of us had a great discussion about personality traits and we philosophized a bit too. This is the ideal scene where we sit at our apartment, enjoy music, have a nice cup of ginger tea and get involved in interesting discussions.They say, you should always speak out your mind. We did just that.
I happened to get into a conversation with Robo.

Robo asked, "So what do you think are my traits?"
I replied, "You are very temperamental and impulsive"
"And...?“ he asked.
"You are always pre-occupied with thoughts", I added.
Just then Debo intervened.
"No. I AM  ‘Pri-occupied’."

It took a while to make out what Debo meant. He sure was referring Pri, and undoubtedly he is Pri-occupied.
We may be anything, have any traits, positive, negative, neutral.... but Pri-occupation just happens to be Debo's business.

We all agreed hands down.

While trying to tune the violin, I broke the strings. And that's when I realized, there should be no strings attached when you are tuning a particular thing in life.

 We had been to Mulshi Lake. Debo successfully climbed a tree after 3 futile attempts and got a stick shoved in his foot. He says, "It's not that I am not capable of climbing trees, it's just that I don't want to do it"
His capability was hence proved, with a few bruises here and there.
The first three times he began with a positive attitude and failed. The fourth time he began with a negative attitude and successfully climbed up the tree.  Irony? Or Obscure Optimism??  I wonder!!

Maloo was the water princess and she refused to come out of the lake. She found and Oar like log and kept rowing, without any specific displacement. She philosophized saying, "I have been rowing it since a long time and I am going practically nowhere."
BTW, she happens to fly to Denmark next fortnight.

Robo is realizing his dreams of opening a company and he has already given us positions in his firm. Soumo will be the head of the "Attrition department". Our positions really don't matter much.

This was probably our last weekend together. People are all set to watch Pardes, and they have already loaded Swades tunes on their music players .I am sure they'll Miss India (not the pageant).

 I rode my bike with an average speed of 60 kmph. I am proud of myself :D.
Debo, was surprised and complimented me to which I replied “It's not that I am not capable of it, it's just that I don't want to do it.” I gave him a taste of his own medicine!!
For a change, for 1 day, I was not an alien.

The silence at the lake was deafening, and Robo voiced his opinion “Kitna sannatta hai bhaii”
I replied, “Sannatte se pyaar karo, ek din usi ke saath sona hai”
Seems, that was the statement we all agreed on. We are using it a lot these days!!

Diwali vacations begin on Wednesday!! Woohoooo :D

Season’s greetings to everybody! Cheers!!