Monday, October 11, 2010

Guitar Lessons

Dear Sir, with all respects
I want to thank you..
for making me play the six strings
and do all that i do.

Your insistence on practising daily
Had me in rage sometimes
But I loved listening myself play
When i started putting rhythm into rhymes

I was happy with the four chords you taught
And I was varying it all the while
I wondered when could I go a step forward
And it reminded me of your sarcastic smile

I went on to learn it on my own
Chords D, E and A
The transitions started becoming smooth
"Easy, steady", as you would say

Now I know a few more chords
but I need your help to do it well
I am good with the G-chord
but strums for 'F' just wouldn't gel

And the DD-UU-DU strumming
Goes on without shrieks
But I am still worried about 'F'
without which my future looks bleak

Dear Student, with all compliments
I want to appreciate
your effort to learn the chords
and the interest that you take

Glad to know that the basic chords
are going on really fine
But trust me if you should
and take one thing at a time

Playing guitar is like loving a girl
You hold her with love and care
And when you hold one, you being a girl
you sure will get some stares

Now barre you know not very well,
so stick to the easy ones
Get in place E, C and D
then we'll see how 'F' is fun

Before that, try the transitions
for E, Em, C and G
G is a very important chord,
as important as F can be

So trim your nails, forget manicure
The nailpaints be put on sale
If you want to learn the Barres so well
Then, Easy, Steady, female.