Friday, October 08, 2010

Celeb- blabber- ation

This is another Great talk on G-talk post.

Here, I am not going to put the exact chat that I had with one of the dudes, but yeah, I am definitely going to give a gist about what happened.

Since time immemorial, the chat applications have really served various purposes of "match making", “flirting", "recreation", "time pass"- which sometimes worked well, and sometimes, after the chat -ters, exchanged pictures, faded into oblivion.

The normal chat would, then, ideally begin like this:

Dude: Hi, asl?
Gal : 20 f Mumbai
Dude: where in Mumbai?
Gal : asl
Dude : Where in Mumbai?
Gal : asl plz?
Dude : 22 m Mumbai
Dude: Where in Mumbai.
Gal : Actually I used to stay in Mumbai until 1999. Now we have shifted to Bangalore.
Dude: Ohh Great. I work in Bangalore too. Do you have a webcam?
Gal : ...

And then the chat would either take a positive turn or negative one depending on the motives of the participants. The asl funda seems extinct now.
The chatting styles have gradually evolved. 
And now we have these modern day direct communication, double meaning phrases, cheeky passes and a bit of philosophy too. They work really well.

But yesterday, I got hit with one of my very own chatting strategies. And I wondered "Meri billi mujhi ko meow??"

I happened to mail (a few days back) a very very smart, good looking, and famous gentleman complimenting him on his work. And I was totally awestruck when he replied and acknowledged my appreciation.
After a few exchanges of thoughts on gmail, the dude pinged me on gtalk.

And then The Great talk on Gtalk, though very short, was thoroughly amusing and I loveeeedd it...

Now certain guys have the knack of hitting the right chord. They begin the chats with something so irresistible that you are totally drawn towards them. The dude did just that.
I was too foolish to reply in just one word, instantaneously.

Me: Wow..

I realised that I should have been a bit clever in responding. I realised that my friends were correct by typecasting me into someone who can either use fingers (to type!!) or brains at a time.
I was having a monologue, when the dude pinged back.

Dude : Why Wow?

And again... like one realisation wasn't enough, I replied.

Me : It's like a dream come true!!

I finally got to some serious business and asked him whether he works that late in the night (yes, he pinged me at around 10 pm), or was he only pursuing something recreational.
No wonder he replied that chatting with women is purely a recreational activity for him. I couldn't agree more. (I mean, for me, chatting with anyone, is purely recreational).

Now my strategy while chatting is say "xyz“, so I applied that. But the response was lame. So I decided that I needed to be a bit rational. But after some arbeit pings he asked me.

Dude: Cheer up. You seem upset.

I re-read it and wondered was it me who typed that statement, because that was my line.
No-oh.. He had done that.

I think people are always upset with something or the other. Very few live happily (ever) after every other incident and find a reason to complain about Life.
So any statement like "Cheer up", "Is anything wrong", "You sound upset", "Everything ok na?", "You don't seem your usual self"...blah blah blah, work really well. It makes the other person feel that you are empathising.
And empathy, my friend, is the key to anybody's heart and mind. Never sympathize, always empathize, some intelligent soul (Me!! ) said it.. :)
It works amazingly well for guys. For women, it ought to work. :)

Now I wonder whether I seriously sounded upset with all the winks and teethy smiled smileys, or was it just another intelligent mind pataofying the person at other end.

But Dear Dude, we both were hitting the same chord. Icchao ko chhodo. Main bhaavnaaye samajh gayi :P.

The chat ended with the usual "bye, take care, glad to help, nice talking to you" sorts.

It was one of the nicest evening ever. Seriously, it's awesome when people whom you read about (they are called celebrities), communicate with you.
Thanks, Dude for communicating. I am gonna celebrate this...

But yeah.. ping me back. I may have a new chatting strategy by then :)