Friday, October 15, 2010

(B)logically New !

Since a very long time I have been looking to re-vamp my blog. Nothing seemed interesting, nor did anything creative come up in my mind. The other day i tried out's new template designer and i realised I could make my blog look the way I want it.
Then I came across Jinesh Sunny's work and it occurred that I should could use his work and pep up my blog. The title background picture happens to be his click.

There are many such beautiful pictures, clicked by Jinesh which I am going to feature every week (that's the plan for now) in my blog. A bunch of the pictures cover the key spots of my hometown Nagpur. Jinesh has done a great job in capturing them. I hope he creates a blog pretty soon, so that apart from featuring in my musings, they get a deserving audience too.

Yo, Jinesh….Go... You are Good :)