Friday, October 01, 2010

Aisa Bhi Hota Hai

Another fun day at lunch.

They say, while you are eating food, you should not be disturbed by anything... ANYTHING...

But if things, like this happen, then I think we got no choice but to leave the food aside and laugh out loud. Ofcourse, get back to food later.... ;)

Ani : What is so good about lemons?

Bani : Citric Acid hota hai usme. Good for health

Ani :Citric acid is what? CO-OH.?

Bani : Yes, some multiple, though..

Chunni : "'CIT'. 'T' .'T'. I think. There's a "T" too.

Ani : What "T"

Chunni: Ci"T"ric acid me "T" hai na..  'C' 'I' 'T' 'R' 'I'...

Ani : Arre..CO-OH..

Chunni : Achha.. You mean S...C...O...

Ani: kyaa???

Chunni : S C O - C H?

Ani : Kya Bol raha hai be?

Chunni : S C O T C H? Scotch? Bole to Citric Acid !! That's what you meant na?

Ani and Bani are in Splits..

Ani : Arre Citric Acid ka formula puchh rahe hai.. Chemistry nahi padha kya?

Chunni : Ohh... I thought tu SCOTCH as a health drink ki baat kar raha hai.. aur mujhe laga uska proxy name rakha hai tumne - Citric Acid, aka CO-OH

Ani, Bani keep on laughing uncontrollably.

Jee Haan, Aisa bhi hota hai!! :D