Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What are we scared of?

I just got a mail from my HR :

Dear Scared Indians,

Due to the anticipated sensitive situation tomorrow(i.e. 30.09.10) it is recommended that we work between 7:00am to 2:00pm so as to reach our home latest by 3:30pm.

Another Scared Indian

What are we scared of? Riots?

I am more scared of what my kids will learn in History, because that is what they are trying to preserve. So what happens tomorrow will be another history for the next generation.

Either they'll feel proud that it all ended in peace and their parents went to work without fearing that they would be killed in riots, else they would learn that violence still persisted in the name of religion.

Well, time we all show some PATRIOTISM... wait a minute , did I just spell RIOT in PATRIOTISM??
Yeah, I guess I did!!

Let's wait and see what happens.

I am really happy that we have less hours to work tomorrow, a break finally after a long time.

But for a change, I seriously want to come to office, work for 12 hours on the day of verdict and feel blessed that there was nothing that could scare me off in my own motherland, my home.

When can I live fearlessly? Are we making an Afghanistan of India?

Obscurity!! With lots of optimism...

Let there be Peace and Love .

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