Friday, September 24, 2010

The Verdict

Rahim: Nice Coffee.

Ram: Yeah. Awesome, it is.

Rahim: mmhhhmmmm

Ram : So, What's this fuss about?

Rahim : I wonder!

Ram : Today is an important day it seems. Every one has been going to the temple and breaking coconuts.

Rahim: Yeah, I agree. I see the crowd at the mosque offering namaaz at a more sincere rate.

Ram: I heard someone talk about the Babri Masjid.

Rahim : Yes Yes.. They have the verdict today. Yours or mine. What do you think, Ram?

Ram: Hahaha.. Babri Masjid and Ayodhya MY Janmabhumi ? Is that case still going on?

Rahim : Oh! Don't act ignorant..

Ram: No seriously. What are the people upto? In which year was I born in Ayodhya?

Rahim : Are you kidding me? I don't how to put my birth year in understandable terms and you are asking me yours?

Ram: You bet. We really can't say when we were born and when we died. Gotta ask Mom.

Rahim: We are still alive, Ram. We are perpetual..

Ram: Don't brag, dude. Take it easy.

Rahim : Yeah.. But what do you think this verdict will lead to? Thousands of years after we came and went? I mean it makes no sense to me, because no one would ever know the 100% veracity behind what existed. It's just we who know the truth ;)

Ram :   And you think that's why they are called humans? And now morons?

Rahim : Yeahahahaa..

Ram:    Let's see when did it all start? There were a few instances where a lot of people were killed. The prominent one being 1992 - earth year. There were a few more incidences in year 1500 and 1600, way back in time compared to the current time on Earth. 

Rahim : It's like yesterday to me. They fought and prayed and said they are doing it for me and a place of my worship.

Ram:    And people fought for me because I was born there.

Rahim: Ram, who do think are the real worshippers? People who built the mosque for me? Or who were trying to save the land of your birth?

Ram:     None.

Rahim : I agree.

Ram :    In our name they are killing their brethren. And one who kills neither pleases me, nor, I am sure, does he please you.

Rahim : Very, Very true.

Ram:     I am really sad.

Rahim :  So am I.

Ram :     They might as well build a coffee shop where people come and hang out. At least there will be some love amongst them. And what do you and I want? Love amongst our people, don't you agree?

Rahim : Couldn't agree more, dude.

Ram:    But insanity is currently governing these souls. Motives, Ego, Popularity.. they'll go to hell with all of it, one day.

Rahim : There's no point in discussing it, my friend.

Ram:    I hope the people realise...just realise what makes us happy.

Rahim : Hahahhaaa... you are asking for the impossible.

Ram: But can't we make it possible?

Rahim : We have given them the strength to do it. Let them.

Ram : Correct.


Mother : Son, What are you doing all alone? Talking to yourself?

Ram/Rahim: No mom.. am just... and there's no one

Mother : Ok, now go to sleep in peace.

Ram/ Rahim : Are you kidding me?