Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kerala Trip and a Wedding - V

Aaj mere Yaar ki shaadi hai..
Girls look their best in Saree and guys in Kurta Payjama. On this day, only the girls were looking their best coz we wore sarees, and the boys were looking so -so. Yeta, in his Mundu looked typically "Maal"ayalam speaking dude from Kerala (He actually is one, but from Nagpur FYI) and Ranu dude in his jeans-blazer combination just gave a hint of the "Angrez" that he had already become.

We had decided to wear our traditional sarees for Jincy's wedding. So Maloo opted for a Keralite get up and looked pretty in the off-white saree. She donned her lustrous hair and looked beautiful.

I managed a Kanjeevaram saree and I looked decent too.. Dammitt, I Wish I wore a Navvari (Maharshtrian saree) to keep my feet movement free during these ugly monsoons.

But Pri, Oh My Gawd, in a Bengali saree.... (let me switch to hindi), Sitam Dhaa rahi thi... She was looking Awwwwwe-wait for it-some, Awesome (Like Barney would have said it)! Someone must have only wished if he could pre-pone the marriage plans. But seems, the footballer dude -Debo was strong willed! Shaayy!
Jincy would have loved her, had she seen her, but I wonder if she saw us at her wedding, because she was busy with the ceremonies.

Jincy looked lovely in her white saree and !!!$$$??? kgs of Gold. The Groom looked awesome too. I can't really comment anymore because we did not see the front view. They were facing the priests and the priests were facing us. We are waiting to see the wedding tape..

Now this reminds me how someone got really scared while the priest closed his eyes to bless the couple.

This is what someone found scary "Jab wo priest apni aankh bandh kar rahe the, unki aankh ka black part upar chala jaata tha, aur white part hi dikhta tha...meri to fatt ke haath me aa gayi thi".
Ideally I would have loved it, had the priest inserted a "Muahahahahhaaa" to scare the poor soul ;).

Now did I mention that one of us is normally scared of tiny little things... yeah so this happens to be the same person ;) ;)

I understood the meaning of the two ceremonies of the Christian wedding - The Ring Ceremony and the Crowning Ceremony. The priest was really sweet to translate it for us in English, as the entire ceremony was being said in Malayalam and Syrian.

I wish I knew multiple languages. !!!

We did not get time to eat/meet/click pictures with the couple because we had to rush to catch our flights. Finally after witnessing all the grandeur we reached Cochin, which we thought we never would. We heaved a sigh of relief when we were allowed to check in and board our flights. We were sure that we would be able to go to work the next day.

We had a little tough time with catching up with schedule; a few tiffs here and there, another roller coaster ride in the Scorpio and settling down in the flight.

While the plane took off, I wonder what everybody had in their minds, but I sure cried, smiled, and felt great about everything.

My head ached like crazy while I put the earphones and the song began... jahan bhi ye khushiyaa hi paaye..

...and I wondered what song was it? And it went on..

...mere dil ne duaa di hai... Mere shaadi hai... :)