Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kerala Trip and a Wedding - IV

Chance pe Dance
So, the guys were ready and the girls were not.
Mal was in a fix - the biggest one of her life. To wear Red for the evening or Maroon-yellow. Damn, the colours were strikingly different, the jewellery was different, would the camera capture red better or maroon, was the biggest dilemma that we were facing.

And we had already spent 2 weeks on finalising the dress for the occasion, but again we found ourselves in the same fix. Finally Mal settled for Red and she looked drop dead gorgeous...

We had to walk a bit on the lonely streets of Kottayam until we reached Vadavatthur (arre waah…,I remember the name) and we were delighted to see a beautifully lit house at the end of the lane. Finally we got to see Jincy.

She looked gorgeous in pink and white Saree. And when I think I can conclude one thing with maximum support from junta (who know Jincy) that Pink colour was so-invented for her alone. She was delighted to see us and we were more than delighted.

There is a ceremony where the elders bless the bride by giving her a mixture of coconut and sugar. Too sweet, and high in Cholesterol... Shhaayy! But it also has a lot of love and good wishes...Yaayy!! (Ok, that is what I call a balancing act).

It so happened that while we (girls) were inside, we clicked a few pictures with Jincy and the boys did not get a chance because they were standing outside...

And the dudes wanted to show junta a proof that they had indeed been to the wedding and all the related functions. Therefore, the next thing on agenda was to get the pics clicked featuring all the guys. Finally we managed to do it, and now we have a proof that the guys were there for the wedding too.

Whenever my mom insisted on attending weddings of relatives, their relatives and their relatives too, I never realised that she had "match making" and other lethal purposes of doing that. But at Jincy's wedding I realised, that this is the reason why weddings are such a social affair.

And we did a bit of it for a dear friend.. We all agreed that the girl we selected was indeed perfect. I cannot let out more details on this here.. Else I’ll guessed it.....dead meat.

But humne Chance pe Dance kar liya.. We'll have to wait and watch, what happens next!!

After all the ceremonies and good wishes and blessing and everything else, we started a small entertainment program starting with Pri (the singing lady) singing "Lag ja gale, ke phir ye haseen raat ho na ho...." followed by dedications from friends and cousins. Jincy was seen at her best, singing a track by Shania Twain.

Finally Yeta, Soumya and Jinesh set the dance floor on fire with their superb moves while we managed to shake a leg or two with the beats and cheered Jincy for a great life ahead.

The show stopper was Jincy's 1 year old nephew - Brian. He danced like a superstar and all girls already went gaga over him.

The monsoons were the icing on the cake and it rained cats and Dogs the entire night while we reached home at 1. The next morning we had to leave for Adoor where the wedding was supposed to take place.

Phew... and we were tired!