Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kerala Trip and a Wedding - III

Khaana Peena Jeena
We were still on the motor boat and doing crazy things like picking up the weeds from the water, posing weirdly and clicking pictures.
The motor boat had a seating capacity of 12. We were 7 and 5 of us were sitting outside the motor boat with feet in water.. (Paise kyu diye the? the boatman would have wondered, in mallu, ofcourse ;))

Like the movie “The Beach” we spotted an island (that's what i would like to call it ;)) and we felt like exploring it. It appeared like a tiny dot from where we were, until we went closer to it and discovered the spooky-ness of the island.

I remember watching this movie with this footballer friend of mine who gets scared of tiny little things, let alone a spooky beach. We were creating imaginary instances to fit ourselves in the situation.

We entered an old entrance. And the greenery was soothing, but somewhere at the back of our mind we were prepared for another season of "LOST". We were wondering what if the boatman leaves us stranded on the island.  Woah... it was fun.

It began with an old cat welcoming us. She was eaten up by something, some evil power or animal. She had her head almost detached...

Ok enough of exaggeration, I know it isn't believable..
Let’s just say, she was an old cat, with rabies kinda disease. She was horrible and scary.

We walked into the self-made path and reached to the other side of the island.

While some of us were trying to do lucrative things, like photography etc, your highness, Miss Mal was busy building a sand palace (with all the sand-like thing that was available)... with a Jacuzzi and a porch and a park for kids. It turned out to be beautiful. How she wished she lived there, and so did we ;).

But soon our island was intruded by some neighbouring inhabitants and we decided to leave the island and explore further.

Finally our 3 hour motor-boat trip came to halt and we stopped to have lunch. Fish, was obviously the main course, and vegans like me settle for aviyal, cabbage, sambar and rice, of course all cooked, served, flavoured with coconut.

The food was awesome. And after getting on the boat again, we all were committing just one sin - sloth.

Meanwhile, your highness, Miss Mal, with all her oomph factor, was busy posing, as Ranu dude clicked away one of his best shots. Miss Mal for once, loved her hair colour and we all agreed.

Now, when I looked at Robo dude, I wondered what was so similar, or different. And after observing him observe the backwaters, I realised, I hadn't seen him in any other clothes since 2 days, but his black tracks, and oh-so-freshly-smelling green Tee.

The beautiful time at the Kumarakom Backwaters got over and we reached back to our hotel rooms only to gear up for the next function at Jincy's place. That was when we realised our purpose of coming to Kerala. :D